Clear Clutter Every Day to Keep Your Life Moving!

I can hear your thoughts. They go like this, “How can I possibly clear clutter every day? I have too much to do. There’s just no way!”

I’m not talking about tackling an attic, a closet or even a drawer. I’m talking about clearing clutter in areas that you touch every day. Here are some examples:

· junk mail
· email messages
· voicemail messages
· clothes that are too tight when you put them on
· shoes that feel uncomfortable when you put them on
· useless papers that you confront when you are
opening a drawer looking for something else
· snack wrappers
· floating scraps of paper
· broken things that you don’t intend to repair

Be looking for clutter at all times! Take pleasure in eliminating it IMMEDIATELY! Don’t put it off!

Give yourself the chance to experience the light feeling and satisfaction that comes from having fewer things bugging you. And, enjoy being able to find things more easily because you have fewer hiding places!

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