Unpacked Bags Are Clutter Buds

Last night I got back from a wonderful weekend at Mark LeBlanc’s Achiever’s 100 celebration. Attending that business development workshop was the best thing I’ve done for my business since I asked Mark to be my coach (check out Mark out at www.markleblanc.com). I came home excited to get to growing my business to a new level.

Getting home after 10 p.m., I dropped my bags and fell into bed. Normally when I return from a trip I unpack immediately because doing so grounds me and helps me to quickly get back into my life. I felt weird just dropping the bag, but I knew getting enough sleep was even more important to my being grounded than unpacking the bag.

When I got up I immediately unpacked the bag. I felt driven to do it. I wanted to be home and feel like I was fully at home. When the bag stays unpacked it sends off an energy that communicates that I’m ready to leave again. It also makes my bedroom feel cluttered. Since I know that energies attract more of the same, I also knew that the risk of leaving the unpacked bag was that its clutter would attract more clutter. It would become a clutter bud that could easily grow into a clutter puddle!

Arriving home today, after having left my cell phone and feeling somewhat discombobulated by that all day (so, I wasn’t completely grounded!), it was such a relief to find my bedroom clutter free.

There are all kinds of payoffs for unpacking quickly following a trip. If you don’t regularly do it, consider making it a new habit to acquire in the next few months. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes in your clarity and peace of mind!

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