Want More Energy? Eliminate Irritants!

Things that irritate us suck a lot of energy from us without our being conscious of the energy leaking away. What do I mean by an irritant? Here are some examples:

  • Being greeted by a stack of papers to process when you first walk into your home
  • Not having a trashcan in a spot where you regularly need it
  • An unsightly tangle of cords
  • A cell phone battery that regularly dies despite being recharged every night.

How do I know that irritants are energy suckers? Each time I eliminate one of them I am rewarded with little surge of well-being, optimism and energy. I get energy when I make the irritant go away. I get back the energy it was costing me!

Irritants are also distracting because they are sources of negative energy. Anything that regularly distracts you, whether or not you are conscious of the distraction, keeps you from being as productive as you could be.

So, pay attention for the signs of irritation: grumpiness, a short temper, heavy sighing, rolling your eyes, jaw clenching, groaning. When you identify the source, take action to eliminate it. Then watch your sense of well-being return as you eliminate a source of negative energy, thereby creating positive energy for you!

Please note: people you care about can be irritating, and elimination of them from your life is an option, but probably not your first option! I suggest that whenever possible, tactfully bring the source of irritation out into the open, and together work out how to eliminate those uncomfortable feelings.

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