Detours Can Help Productivity!

The weather the last few days has been really nasty! Some tropical storm just dumped a bunch of wind and rain on Virginia and assaulted us with high winds and gray skies. During that time I had such difficulty maintaining my usual optimistic attitude. My body seemed to scream, “Sleep!!!!”

About the same time I was gifted with two large blocks of time to get office work done. Great! The urge to sleep is not exactly compatible with being productive at difficult tasks like writing and communicating with speech prospects. What to do when you don’t want to do anything??!!

The first thing I did was acknowledge how I felt. Rather than deny it and try to push through the inertia (what I normally would do-totally disrespectful, by the way!), I first decided to do something that could help increase my energy. I got an ionic foot bath that drained all kinds of toxins out of my body. What an amazing and scary experience! The water was black! No wonder I had been feeling sluggish! I couldn’t blame the slime that came out of my body on the weather!

After the foot bath I ran many errands to clear the errand clutter that had accumulated in my brain, on my to-do list and in my car. I cleared my body and I cleared my errand to-do list. Boy, did I feel lighter!

Once I’d done all that clearing, I again had energy to tackle my more difficult action items, like writing a tips list to send to my coach. Yes! I did that and actually got my desk cleared and some substantial tasks done.

So, the next time you’re fighting with yourself to get things done, check in to see what you really need at that moment. Because of fatigue, the weather, or your mood, you may have to take a short detour to re-energize yourself. The trick is to get back on track once you’ve received the benefits of the detour. Remember, a detour is a temporary place whose purpose is to lead you back to the main road to your productivity and success.

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