Make It Fun to Get It Done!

How many times have you promised yourself that you were going to tackle an organizing project and you broke your promise? It’s easy to do because staring down an organizing project by yourself can be overwhelming, even terrifying.

Just this week when a client and I finished the unpleasant task of sorting and organizing her bathroom drawer, a task she’d procrastinated doing for a long time, we marveled that though the task at first seemed onerous, the process of working together and completing the job was actually fun. I popped out with, “Make it fun to get it done!”

Are you stuck, but want to move forward with an important task? Make it fun! Here are some ways to do that:

  • Invite a kind, non-judgmental friend (preferably NOT a mother or spouse) to help you. That way the task becomes a social event.
  • Put on your favorite music, fix your favorite non-alcoholic drink, and light a candle to create a pleasant mood.
  • Promise yourself a special reward once the task is completed, like treating yourself to lunch at a favorite restaurant, getting a massage or calling a friend.

Have fun and get the organizing done!

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