Lost Items-An Organizing Opportunity

“Where is it? What did I do with that deposit?” Those were my thoughts as I was hunting through the front seat of my car. Being a professional organizer makes it that much more frustrating to lose things. I’m supposed to be able to find everything at all times! Ha! Yeah, right! Unfortunately I’m as human as the next person. And, when life gets complicated, the pieces of my life can get scattered just like those of anyone else.

One of the gifts of being an organizing professional is that I not only watch what other people do that helps or hurts them in their attempts to get and stay organized, I watch myself as well. On this particular day I noticed that I went on autopilot and systematically straightened up the front seat so I could determine that the deposit really wasn’t there. As I observed my behavior it occurred to me that when we lose things we are actually being given an opportunity to clean up and get more organized.

I’ve watched many clients search for lost items. The most common method that they use is to tear through their piles and space, creating more disorder in their attempt to find one item. I usually urge them to straighten up the space so it’s more likely that they’ll see the item if it’s there. That is so hard for them to do! I’m sure they’re not really conscious that they are often making it more difficult to find anything. Perhaps their anxiety gets the better of them, shutting down their rational brain. Or, they don’t see the benefit of that practice–they would end up with an organized space when they were done instead of having a bigger nightmare than when they started.

The next time you lose something, watch what you do. Do you create more chaos when you search? If you do, remember that you do have the option to take the same energy and use it to create order instead of chaos. I’ll bet you’ll have better luck finding your lost item with that method too!

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