Overwhelmed? Let Go of Something!

Cross one regular obligation off your calendar. Yes, I’m serious! In the ten years I have been helping overwhelmed people get organized, it’s been very clear to me that the more you have going on in your life, the more difficult it is to get and stay organized.

Most women I work with have no clear picture of how heavy a load they are carrying. When we make a list of their obligations so they can see why they are feeling overwhelmed, they are amazed at what they see. Keeping themselves in the dark about their reality has kept them going and kept them feeling overwhelmed and on a path to exhaustion, burnout and health problems.

Make a list of your obligations. Rank them in order of importance. Then make arrangements to let go of the least important obligation. Do it as an expression of your commitment to lightening your load so you can get and stay organized, eliminate overwhelm and avoid the serious health problems that you will attract if you continue to live in a state of overwhelm.

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