Christmas Photos–Create A Treasure!

In a recent news tip I wrote about what I do with photos I receive in Christmas cards. A dear friend and networking buddy, Carrie Emery, read my tip and sent me an email sharing what she does with those photos. She gave me permission to share that with you.

“Most of my friends got married and had children long before I did and they would send adorable pictures of their families. I started a photo album–very basic album with the sticky pages–and have added the pictures each year. Each family has their own page which grew into pages. Since it was such a basic notebook style album, I would just add a new page when one was filled up.”

“What I have now, many years later is a photo album that shows the children from birth to high school for some. It has turned into a treasure. I can open it up at Christmas, usually as the season is winding down, add a few photos and look back at how the children have grown over the years since each year is right there on their page(s). And, it is a small manageable task that I can do in just a few minutes while watching the news or while waiting on perma-hold on the phone.”
Carrie Emery
Mary Kay Cosmetics

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