Create a Filing System and Use it!

Do you have a reliable filing system? Are you a disciplined filer? Setting up a filing system is not great fun (it’s really tedious, detailed work!), but the benefits of doing it and having important papers at your fingertips far outweigh the difficulty of the task. If you can’t make yourself set up a filing system, and the thought of filing makes you want to throw up, hire a professional organizer to get that task done! You’ll be glad you did the first time you really need to lay your hands on an important piece of paper.

I was recently reminded of the benefits of having a reliable filing system. My cell phone battery had been dying on me at the most inopportune times. What an annoyance! I postponed gong to Verizon to get the battery replaced AGAIN as long as I could. Going to the Verizon store is like entering a war zone!

When I finally bit the bullet, I was told I’d need the receipt for the battery because they didn’t keep a specific record of that transaction. Great! That’s when I started praying that I had followed my own filing system! I really have set up a filing system and do file regularly, but I swear that sometimes little birdies mess with my stuff! I just hoped I’d done what I should have done with that receipt! I had five hours driving from Bristol, VA back home to Richmond, VA to think about it.

It was nice knowing there was just one place to look for the receipt. If it wasn’t filed where it should have been, I was out of luck because I didn’t have a clue where else it could be! I’m happy to say I don’t have piles of miscellaneous papers lying around.

When I got home I went to the cell phone file inside the telephone file. And, there it was! The receipt was proof that the battery was only 6 months old. With that receipt in hand, a new battery was ordered with no hassle and no additional cost.

That incident reminded me again of why a good filing system and good filing habits can really reduce stress! It was so nice to know where to look for the receipt, to know there was just one place to look. Had I not found the receipt where it should have been, my dilemma of getting back to having a reliable phone would have been so much more of a hassle.

File and be happy!

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