Storage Units–The Risks Part 1

This week I worked with a client in her two storage units. When she divorced and moved into a much smaller home she filled two small storage units with furniture and boxes that she couldn’t fit in her new home. It was to be a temporary storage solution. That was over 5 years ago.

Storage units seem like SUCH a convenient solution for things that don’t fit in your home or office. I had one for a short time when my parents divorced and my mother no longer had room to store my precious belongings that wouldn’t fit into my VW bug. The rent seemed low. And, it was an easy answer, easier than “getting real” about the value of the things I was paying to store.

I’ve since learned that anything that belongs to a person holds their energy, and in a sense is an extension of them. When you store things in a storage unit, you are dividing your energies in two locations. Having watched clients do this over the years, I noticed that having a storage unit seemed to keep a portion of their attention split off. When a part of you is split off, it’s very difficult to feel grounded and focused and make good decisions about your life.

This certainly has been true for my client. In the past five+ years she has been struggling to find her way post-divorce and post-retirement. Having her energies spit in thirds, in one condo and two storage units, probably has not helped. Our first goal is to eliminate one storage unit.

What about you? Are your energies split in several locations? What can you do to get yourself together?

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