Procrastination Is Self-Destructive Behavior

One day I whole heartedly dove into planning the seminar I would be giving in the near future. I observed myself as I worked.

I’d already done some preliminary planning. As I usually do with something new and overwhelming, I chipped off small bites of the big project so I could get it to a size I could handle mentally and emotionally. Because I’d done that prep work, I was able to pin my butt to my chair and worked diligently on all aspects of the preparation–the slide show, the handouts, props, and the outline of the speech. When I finished I felt really good about my effort and my results. And, I felt good about me.

That got me thinking about procrastination. When you procrastinate, you put off doing something that needs to be done. You may be having a great time doing something else, but somewhere in your subconscious the task is nagging at you. With it there you are unable to fully relax, fully enjoy the present moment. And, you aren’t able to fully feel good about yourself. A part of you knows you are avoiding something important. That part can often be abusive. It sends you messages like, “What’s taking you so long to get started on _______?” “You always wait until the last minute and when you finally get going the results are just mediocre.” “What a slacker!”

Procrastination about those really important tasks, the ones that could launch you into a new career, that could free your energy to access your creativity, that could heal a rift with a significant person in your life, or that clear the decks for new adventures, costs you the most in terms of self-esteem. Likewise, when faced, those challenges bring the biggest rewards.

Are you procrastinating about an important task, one that could be life-changing? What is holding you back? Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of the unknown? Not doing the task is worse than doing it and struggling. Your efforts will feed your feelings of self-worth. Do it now as an act of self-love and as a commitment to ceasing self-destructive behaviors.

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