Errand Clutter

Have you noticed that errands accumulate? Why is that? I wonder if that happens because most of us know that running out to do one errand here and there is just not time effective. It really does make more sense to wait until we have several errands to do to justify taking time and spending gas to run errands.

How do you remember to do errands? My system is very rudimentary. I use items associated with the errand as visual reminders and put them in the front seat of my car (my office away from my home office). If I don’t have a reminder item, like a book or piece of paper, I write the errand on a sticky note and accumulate sticky notes on one piece of paper. That piece of paper goes to the front seat of my car. Whenever I get in the car I see the errand reminders that tell me what needs to be done. I’m all ready for when I’m gifted with a small chunk of time. I then check those reminders and do an errand or two. Not fancy, but it works for me!

It’s important to figure out your errand threshold–the number of errands that can accumulate without you feeling overwhelmed. When people feel overwhelmed they often avoid whatever is overwhelming them. Then you’re really in trouble! Why? Because accumulated errands have the same energy as clutter. And, clutter attracts more clutter! Each errand also consumes an attention unit in your brain. The errand may not even be important, but it still registers as something that needs to be done, thereby consuming some of your precious energy.

Got errand clutter? Schedule a clearing session and make yourself clear them out. You will find that you feel much lighter and brighter because you’ve both lightened your mental load and probably have also cleared some visual clutter. If you find yourself gifted with some unexpected free time, use it to clear some errands. It’s a sure fire way to lighten your load and gain more energy.

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