Signal That You’re Ready for Change

It’s quite common that as we change internally, we make changes to our person, our habits or our living spaces. Some people get a new hair style. Others grow a beard. Still others rearrange their furniture. Because everything is connected in our Universe, is it any wonder that we have a need to change things in our outer world when we are experiencing inner changes?

I recommend that you consider taking this idea one step further. Deliberately make changes to your home, office, habits or appearance to signal the Universe that you are open to positive change. Change the outside to affect inner changes.

When I’m feeling unsettled, stuck or wanting change in my life, I sometimes take a new route home or park in my husband’s parking space. Those small changes help me get out of my perceptual rut and see things differently. Recently when I was really wanting to jumpstart internal change I got rid of three pieces of living and dining room furniture, two of which had been in my family for over thirty-five years!

For those of you who are freaking out because I pitched precious belongings, relax! It was time to let that furniture go. I needed more space in my house to allow for personal expansion. Now someone else can benefit from those special items. I’m really done with them and ready to move into a new era of my life. Letting them go was a sign to the Universe and myself of my openness and commitment to change.

When you find yourself feeling unsettled, wanting something that you can’t quite envision, do a few things differently. Move some furniture, go with the urge to cut your hair, take a new route home. Let the Universe know that you’re open to change. Then pay attention to the opportunities that come your way. Remember, everything is connected. Positive changes to your behavior, appearance or space will cause internal shifts that ultimately could lead you to getting more of what you really want.

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