Quantity Matters: Less Stuff=More Comfort

What is the ratio of things to the size of your space? Is the quantity of things appropriate for the size of the space, less than appropriate for the size of the space, or more than is comfortable for the size of the space?

Have you ever walked into a room and had the urge to turn and bolt from the space? One possible reason for that type of discomfort is that the quantity of things in the space overwhelms it. You are most comfortable when there is a pleasant balance between the number of items in a space and the amount of open space. When there is little open space, most of the energy of the space has been consumed by the things in the space. You may find it difficult to breathe and to think there. When you can’t breathe or think, it’s normal to feel the urge to run.

Less is more. It is easier to think clearly and make good decisions in spaces that are uncluttered, those that have what’s needed to serve the function of the space and nothing more. Unfortunately, consumerism has led to people accumulating too many things for their homes and offices. Busyness keeps people from making the time to sort and release unwanted and unnecessary items. Because each thing has an energy that you are aware of at some level, their energy can distract you from your work. It may feel like you are trying to work in a crowded subway.

Creating a high performance environment requires paring down items to just the quantity that feels comfortable in the space. There is no magic formula for achieving an optimal level of comfort. However, feeling irritated or distracted when working in your space is a sign that you may need to reduce the number of objects there.

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