Task Management-Do What Matters Most!

You have some time to get something done! Oh boy! What to do? Do you just jump into the first task that passes into your consciousness? Or, do you stop to think about what’s most important given your current goals and priorities? The frantic pace of life today makes the first choice the easy option. Heck! You’re still getting something done. So what if it’s not something with a high payoff! Who cares if doing that less consequential task keeps you from getting where you really want to go!

There are always so many choices when it comes to deciding what to do at any given time. If you don’t stop, even for just a few minutes, to get clear about what really matters to you, you’ll find yourself treading water in your life. You’ll be staying afloat, but not thriving, not really happy. What really matters to you is your guide when you must make decisions about how to spend your time.

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