Create A Daily Desk Clearing Habit

If you work in an office, how did you leave your desk as you left for the weekend? Did you take 5-15 minutes to straighten it up, refiling papers, projects and files, creating an order that will be a nice greeting when you return to work on Monday? If not, why not?

Did you know that how your desk looks sets the stage for how your day will go the next time you approach it. If it’s relatively clear and organized it sends the message that all is well, you are in control and can handle whatever comes your way. If it’s piled high with papers, folders and office supplies, the message you get could be, “Oh, you’ve got so much to do! There’s no way you can do it all. . .” or “You’re so hopeless with paper! Do you even know where the papers for the (Smith) project are!” And, if you’re not already feeling overwhelmed, anxious or hopeless when you return on Monday, it is guaranteed that your spirits will drop when you look at that desk! Besides, you’ll waste the first 30-60 minutes of the day just figuring out what you need to do and where to begin!

If you have one of those out of control desks, make a deal with yourself to leave your desk in order at the end of EVERY day for at least a month. That may require an initial cleanup, but it’s worth the effort! During that month pay attention to your mood and your productivity. I predict you’ll see improvement in both areas. Go for it! Take 5-15 minutes every day! Consider them an investment in creating a new habit that could launch you to new heights of productivity and peace of mind!

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