Spring Color Provides New Energy

Spring is associated with spring fever, spring cleaning, rebirth, new life. We suddenly find ourselves emerging from the funks of winter with new energy, new ideas, new commitments to change and growth. Why this resurgence of good feelings and energy?

Most of us know that there is more light. Thank goodness for lengthening hours of sunlight! But, as I walk my dogs each day, I’ve been noticing changes in the landscape as trees, shrubs and plants flower and as green leaves emerge. I can feel my spirits lift and soar in response not only to the new life returning to the landscape, but to the COLOR! The yellows, the many shades of purples and pinks and the emerging greens sing in a background of dull browns, grays and tans. That color feeds me with optimism, hope and energy. We’ve been starved for color, especially since the bright reds and greens of Christmas decorations were stored away in early January. Color’s return is a cause for celebration! We all benefit from it whether conscious of its significance or not!

The color of spring is a gift of nature! Shake off the dust and doldrums of winter and allow the color of the landscape to feed you with its energy. Take time each day to drink in its vibrance, its beauty and its wonder.

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