Disrupting Events Cause Organizing Challenges

When I walk into a chaotic environment I listen for clues from my client about what may have caused the chaos. Some people have always struggled to get and stay organized. They are affectionately referred to as “chronically disorganized” by professional organizers nationwide. Despite all their efforts they cannot stay organized. Those clients usually tell me that they have struggled with disorganization for as long as they can remember.

There are some people, however, who at one time in their lives were organized and able to maintain organized spaces at home and at work. When I learn that a client was once organized and has since gone down hill, I seek to identify what threw him or her off course. Following is a list of the disrupting events that can turn a person’s life upside down, making it very hard to maintain order in their lives:

physical illness
mental illness–particularly depression
illness in a family member
death of a loved one
caregiving for an ailing parent
home renovation
frequent travel
getting married
birth of a child

Any of the above events or issues takes either an emotional or physical toll above and beyond what is experienced in normal every day life. Since you have energy limits, any one of those disrupting events can eat energy that would ordinarily have been allocated to tending to your home, your papers, your things, and the variety of chores that you do to stay organized.

It’s normal for people to do what is easiest in times of high stress just to survive. And, paper and disorder can back up at those times because tending to them isn’t as important as getting through the difficult time. But, you may want to remember that your space also affects your energy. Disorganized, chaotic spaces are loaded with negative energy. Exposing yourself to that energy will only deplete your energy all the more.

Unfortunately, once the difficult time has passed, you may have a nightmare on your hands, clutter and chaos that are overwhelming and not easily addressed. And, you’ll be depleted from your ordeal and further depleted by the negative energy in your space.

If you find yourself experiencing any of the disruption I’ve described above, it is helpful to remain conscious of your space even if you don’t have time to keep up as you normally would. Avoid the inclination to just let go and let chaos reign. Make yourself take as little as 5 minutes a day to clear clutter and maintain order. Doing a little clearing and organizing on a regular basis could save you from a nightmare of your own creation. If you cannot maintain a basic order, ask for help from family and friends, people who likely want to help you through a difficult time.

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