Office Transformation with Feng Shui Pop of Positive Energy

Want to motivate yourself to transform your office from a space that is cluttered, filled with an assortment of annoying piles of paper, office supplies and equipment and baskets of unfinished projects? Create a high energy, highly visible catalyst, one area that is clutter-free, completely decorative, a collection of things that lift your spirits when you look at it. The positive energy of that one part of your office will initiate a shift in all the energies of the space, making it more difficult for you to ignore the other areas that need attention.

“Debbie, I want you to see what I’ve done in my office!” said Mary Ann, a client of mine. As I rounded the corner into her office I immediately noticed a small bookshelf she had moved from the floor onto a large table that she uses as an extension of her desk. On it she had placed luscious green plants that immediately drew my eye away from the busyness of other areas of her desk. Not only was it eye-catching, but it was the first step in a major clearing of baskets and boxes and other forms of clutter that had hung out in Mary Ann’s office for months.

Mary Ann had been saying she wanted to clear off the piles that had occupied every flat surface in the room, including the floor, but had been unsuccessful until she created her plant monument. Once it was in place she was inspired to purchase two sets of plastic drawers that she placed under her table/desk to hold major chunks of paper that had been floating on its surface. She also processed several baskets of very old papers. And, she made her trash, shredding and recycling area less visible and annoying.

The positive energy of Mary Ann’s plant monument seemed to set a high energy standard that she wanted to achieve in the rest of her office. The contrast between the positive energy of the plants and the negative energy of numerous piles of papers was the energetic kick in the butt she needed to get moving to create a new look and a new way of working in her office.

Create a high energy monument that will launch you into reclaiming your office!

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