Getting and Staying Organized–Anyone Can Do It

“I’m just no good at organizing,” my client said as we worked together to organize her tiny home office. At that moment I bit my tongue, but I wanted to say, “If you keep saying that and believing that, you will continue to be no good at organizing!” What you say and what you believe have an incredible effect on what becomes reality.

In the case of this client, she prefers creative and intellectual pursuits, right brain activities, to left brain activities like achieving and maintaining order. Even so, her house is reasonably organized, especially given that she has three children under the age of twelve. Her perception of her organizing ability did not match the reality I saw in her home.

And, after thirteen years and working with hundreds of clients, I know that almost everyone can learn to be better organized if they commit themselves to the process. A former client, Michele, proved that to me. On our first appointment she actually vomited following an asthma attack caused by anxiety over parting with papers. She was chronically organized and had ADD. Her house was a wreck every time I worked with her.

One day after about a year of working together twice a month she greeted me with, “I had unexpected guests. The house was a wreck and you weren’t coming so I just thought about what you and I do every week and I was able to clean the place up by myself!” She was so excited about her victory! Michele went on to learn how to live with much less stuff, keep her home organized and become a professional organizer! If Michele could do it, anyone who really wants to can learn to get and stay organized!

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