Feng Shui Tip: Match Art Energy to Energy of the Room

Landscapes are the best choice for art in a bedroom.

The functions of rooms in your home determine the type of art you should place in them. The high energy areas are the public spaces: the kitchen, utility room, bath rooms, living room, dining room, family room and home office. Those are rooms devoted to activities and interaction between people. The low energy spaces are the bedrooms. It is a good idea to match the energy of the art to the energy of the room.

Art that contains scenes of animals, people and people activities usually has a more active energy than landscapes and scenes that are devoid of people and animals. Feng shui teaches that people and animals are fire elements. Every person or animal in a scene is a little flame. Street scenes, scenes of people socializing, and scenes of people or animals in any type of activity are fiery and therefore high energy scenes. It’s best to place that type of art in the active areas of the house, the public rooms where most of the activity in a home occurs.

Landscapes, beach scenes and images of gardens are the best choices for bedrooms, those spaces that are devoted to rest and relaxation. It’s best to avoid having art with images of people or in those spaces. Restful scenes will facilitate restful sleep. I make an exception for images of faithful pets. Though they are a bit fiery, their fire is offset by the comfort they bring as a watchful, guarding presence.

Check out the art in your space. Does its energy match the energy of the spaces in which it resides?

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