Clutter Clearing: Remove Toxins for Immediate Relief

Last week I got the chance to experience first hand what toxins in the body do to mood. My brother, Mark, disabled with two brain injuries, came down with a serious infection in his knee replacement. While he was waiting to have surgery I had the opportunity to experience his infection-induced behavior. My sweet, funny little brother disappeared and was replaced by a snarling ogre. I’m not kidding about that. At the least provocation his face screwed up into a sneer and he shouted at whoever was near him. As I tried to make sense of Mark’s behavior, I realized that he is not good at articulating how he’s feeling physically. Instead he acted out his feelings. What I saw was not a pretty picture.

The change in Mark’s mood following the surgery was remarkable. After he got over the grogginess and confusion caused by the anesthesia, sweet Mark was back! It was clear that clearing out the bulk of the infection, by removing the knee replacement that had harbored the infection, brought Mark immediate relief. With the reduction of negative energy of the toxins, there was an immediate shift in his mood from negative to positive.

I’ve observed the exact same kind of shift in energy when I’ve worked with clients helping them clear their homes and offices of the negative energies of clutter and physical chaos. Broken things, dirty things, disorganized things are all sources of negative energy. When you have quantities of those things, the energy in your space becomes toxic from an over abundance of negative energy. Clear the toxins and the balance of energy shifts back to predominantly positive. When positive energy predominates, people feel immediate relief, optimism and often a return of creative energy.

Can you really afford to live in a space that is cluttered, dirty or filled with many broken things? Not if you want to feel good!

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