Freedom From Clutter

On this 4th of July, I can’t help but think about clients who live in this country where we are blessed with so many freedoms, but who are trapped, unable to move in a nightmare of their own creation. Their clutter and disorder keeps them paralyzed, unable to make decisions or take action to improve their situation. How can they free themselves and reclaim their birthright?

In many cases the first step is to admit that what they have created is unacceptable to them. Then they need to commit to doing things that make them feel uncomfortable: asking for help; accepting help; letting go of belongings they no longer love or use despite the fear they may feel; learning new ways to think about their things, themselves and their space; and learning new behaviors so they can maintain a space where they have the freedom to move and grow.

Freedom is a privilege. Even though you live in a country where personal freedom is valued, sometimes it is you who must free yourself. Let go. Get help if you need it. Free yourself from environments that keep you stuck and feeling bad about yourself. That is your birthright! Go for it!

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