The Three “W”s of Clutter Clearing

When deciding whether to keep or toss an item, ask yourself these three questions:

Why am I keeping it?
Where am I keeping it?
Is it Worth keeping?

Clutter accumulates when you stop after asking, “Do I want to keep this?” Sure, you may want to keep many things, but unless you ask the why, where and worth questions, you’ll keep many more things than you need or have room to keep.

Some people are just programmed to keep things. They may have been affected by Depression era thinking growing up. They may be artistic and see everything as a possible art supply. Or, the act of letting go of anything may terrify them. Keeping things is easier. There’s no risk of making a mistake and regretting it later.

A good answer to the why question is: I love it or I use it.

Ask yourself where you’ll keep something. That question forces you to face the fact that your space is limited. Asking that question will keep you from taking on more things than can comfortably fit in your space.

And, ask yourself if an item is worth keeping. You’ll assess its value relative to other items in your space. It’s ideal if you only welcome items that have the best energy. You’re looking for diamonds, not the rocks or stones.

Accept only diamonds into your space and you will shine in all your are and do!

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