Landscape Out of Balance–A Five Element Lesson

As I walked my dogs early this morning I could feel the stress that the current heat wave is having on the landscape. Brown lawns, a dying tree here and there, browning shrubbery were all screaming for water. As I often do when I feel uncomfortable in an environment, I began thinking about it in terms of the five elements of feng shui. Environments feel comfortable when all five elements are present: wood, fire, metal, water and earth.

In this case the water element was clearly missing. Normally water controls fire, helps to balance out the heat of fire. Because we have had so little rain, water, and have had so much heat, fire, our landscape is out of balance with fire dominating.

When I got home I watered all the plants that are clearly struggling. At least in my little corner of the Virginia I brought a touch more balance to my yard. My hope is that Mother Nature will supply the water we so desperately need before too long.

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