Change Your Space, Improve Your Marriage

I want to share a recent success story about how changing your space can change your life. I was hired by a woman to help her husband create order in his home office. When I arrived at the home I was greeted by a woman who was clearly VERY frustrated in her marriage. I had the impression that she’d given thought to ending the marriage if things didn’t change. I thought to myself, “Whew! What a responsibility! Can I save this marriage?” Then I reeled myself back to reality, said a prayer for guidance and went to work with the husband.

Fortunately Jim was very amenable to receiving help from me. Many men would not be so welcoming. And, as we worked our way through his large office, clearing clutter, throwing things away, reorganizing things, he was very willing to take my many suggestions. I was rather shocked because I’d been led to believe he’d be resistant to getting rid of things. He was even open to hearing my suggestions that combined feng shui (considered woo woo by many men) and organizing principles. For example, when I told him that an unfinished project was sitting in the love and marriage corner of the room, that it had a broken energy and probably was having a negative effect on his marriage, he volunteered to get rid of it. And, he did!

Jim’s response was amazing, but even more amazing is the effect that making all those changes had on his marriage. Both he and his wife told me that they immediately began connecting at a deeper level. Jim, who had been procrastinating about house projects, one of his wife’s major complaints, completed many long-standing projects. Instead of wanting to leave the relationship, my client is more invested than ever in her marriage.

What is happening in a space affects what happens in the lives of the people living there! Make it better and you make lives better!

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