Is a Positive Attitude Possible in a Cluttered Space?

“Thoughts become things.” Those are the words of Mike Dooley, inspirational speaker and author, well known for his Notes from the Universe at In the past few years it seems that many influential leaders like Jack Canfield, Ekhardt Tolle and Wayne Dyer are advising us to become more aware of our thoughts because thoughts directly affect beliefs and attitudes. And, beliefs and attitudes affect what we attract into our lives. Keep your thoughts positive and you’re more likely to get more of what you really want from life. Focus on the negative and you’ll have more negative experiences.

I believe our thoughts really do direct our lives. What I have observed with my clients, particularly those who have chronic issues with organizing their homes and offices, is that their thoughts are influenced by the condition of their spaces. They may intend to keep their thoughts as positive as possible, to look for the good in their experiences. But, their messy environments filled with negative energies make it impossible to keep their thoughts positive. Negative attracts negative!

Feng shui teaches that everything is connected. Clearly thoughts and environment are connected. If a space is organized, clean, comfortable and lovely, it’s much easier to sustain positive thoughts. If a space is disorganized, dirty, cluttered and grim, thoughts will tend to slip from positive to negative. If you’re not judging yourself harshly, you’re more likely to be reactive and judge others harshly.

Want things to be better in your life? There is much we cannot control in our world today, but we do have control of our thoughts and the condition of our living and work environments. Work to lift the energy of both your thoughts and your space from negative to positive and you’ll be amazed at the joyful life you’ll be able to create.

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