Feng Shui Tip: Enhance Your Foyer

The front door of your house is the mouth of the chi (energy) entering your home. The first place the chi encounters is the foyer or entryway of your home. To attract and hold the best energy in your home and therefore in your life, take special care to enhance the inside entrance of your home, even if you tend to enter your house by another door.

Put your best art there. Place mirrors in that location, though never directly in front of the door. Mirrors are not only energy enhancers, they provide any guests with a friendly greeting, their own image! Water features like aquariums and fountains are also great energy enhancers for this area if kept clean and well maintained, as are plants, lamps, and other treasured decorative items.

Take special care with your inside entrance. It really matters as much as the parts of the house where you spend most of your time!

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