Make Time to Get and Stay Organized!

If you think you will find time to get and stay organized, you are sadly mistaken. To have an organized home/office and be an organized person usually requires time to create an initial order, and a daily commitment of time to maintain the order.

If you need to create an initial order in any space, the only way that will happen is by deciding that the task is a priority and scheduling time to do it. Believe me, you’re not likely to wake up on a Saturday morning and feel inspired to clean out your guest (junk) room. There will be a million and one things that seem more important.

Some people can create an initial order, but have difficulty maintaining the order. They managed to make the time to get organized, but neglected to make time daily to do those maintenance tasks like putting things away, throwing things away, creating homes for incoming items, and managing paper flow.

Start small to ensure success. When scheduling time to create an initial order, commit to 15 minutes every weekend to clearing clutter and creating order. If you end up working longer than 15 minutes, fine. But, making a regular commitment of time every weekend and honoring that commitment will sow the seeds of a positive new habit that supports your commitment to live an organized life.

To maintain your hard won order, begin by adding a five minute cleanup to your bedtime routine. In addition to brushing your teeth and letting the dog out one last time, take five minutes to hang up clothes, move papers to the home office, and throw away trash from evening snacking. Just five minutes every day can make the difference between a nightmare and a comfortable home.

MAKE time for getting and staying organized! Then watch your stress go down and your quality of life improve!

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