Change is Difficult! Seek Cheerleaders!

Not everyone is going to be thrilled for you when you begin making changes in your space and in your life. Family members in particular may say they want you to make positive changes, but when you actually do begin making changes, especially if those changes impact them in some way, watch out! Their unconscious impulse may be to want to maintain the status quo. Your changes may be viewed as threatening to their comfortable discomfort. And, if you begin asking for their help and their support, you may not get the reception you want. Instead you are likely to get resistance and judgement. Expect it! Then it won’t blow you sideways and distract you from your own path.

A lack of support on the home front doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed with your changes. It means that you need to look elsewhere for like-minded others who “get” what you are trying to accomplish. I call it “family of choice.” Look for others who are on a similar journey, who want the kinds of things you want. Just put that request out to the Universe, God, whatever Higher Power you believe in. Expect an answer. Watch for it. Soon you’ll find yourself running into like-minded others in the grocery store, at a meeting, on a committee, at a social event.

Over the last few years I have been committed to expanding my business and taking it to another level of influence and financial success. I was first drawn to an incredible sales training and marketing program that immediately opened doors to other small business owners on a similar journey. In addition, I connected with Laura Posey and Will Turner of Dancing Elephants, two incredible sales and marketing experts who are on their own journey to get the life they really want.

Then I joined the Virginia Chapter of the National Speakers Association and found many other kindred spirits. And, most recently I was invited by some of those NSA folks to be part of a law of attraction group for couples. Many of those new friends have become Facebook friends. What a thrill it is to share my successes with people who support me and cheer me on in my efforts to make a difference in our world! When I recently did my first TV interview ( and posted it on Facebook I got so many shouts of, “You go, girl!” “Great job!”

So, if you want change but keep encountering resistance and criticism from the people in your inner circle, consider branching out to find kindred spirits to walk with on this journey. Look for people with a positive focus, those who encourage and celebrate strides you make in your personal growth. You deserve to have your own cheerleaders! Change is hard! You need the best support you can find!

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