Feng Shui Tip: Put What You Want Into Your Space

Like attracts like. If you want more peace in your life, create peace in the physical arrangement of your belongings in your home. If you want more clarity, create a clutter free home environment. If you want a Pug, get a statue or a photograph of a Pug and display it in your home.

Want a new job? Write the job description and post it in your home office where you see it often. Be sure to list the salary and other specifics you are looking for in just the right job.

Want a new relationship? Cut out magazine photos of people to whom you find yourself attracted. Put the best one in a frame and place it where you see it every day. Or, write a list of the characteristics you want in a life partner. Read it often.

When you create what you really want in physical form in your home, you are setting your intention to attract it into your life.

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