Accepting What Is-A Path to Peace

Years ago I learned to “accept the things I cannot change” when I was participating in meetings for adult children of alcoholics. I got the chance to “accept what is” today when I shut down my computer following several hours of recording my book, Rock Scissors Paper: Understanding How Environment Affects Your Performance on a Daily Basis, and lost the whole recording. That mistake cost me not only the room rental fee and the time spent making the recording, but I had recorded almost half the book. What amazed me was that I didn’t freak out or castigate myself for the error. I was cool, calm and collected. Why?

When something unfortunate happens, like losing my recording, I automatically begin looking for something positive about the incident. And, I hadn’t been completely happy with my tone of voice, especially in the beginning of the recording. I knew I’d have lots of edits to make. Also, I meant to record sections of the book separately and had forgotten to do that. Finally, I was worried that noises in the hall could be heard in the recording.

When the whole thing was wiped out I actually felt relieved because I had no other choice but to start over. Starting over would give me the chance to schedule the recording at a time when there would be less traffic in the building and would make it possible for me to record it section by section as I’d initially intended. I also would not have to make multiple edits that would have been warranted because of my inexperience. I began thinking of today’s session as a practice session for the real recording.

When I accept what is with the knowledge that all things work together for good and look for the positive in every circumstance, I am much less stressed. I also treat myself with more compassion and respect. What do you need to accept that has been causing you emotional distress and angst? Accept what is and get on with life!

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