Clutter Clearing Is a Self-Care Technique

There are so many options available for getting to a relaxed state these days. You can do yoga, massage, Feldenkrais, breathwork, stretching, hot tubs, Healing Touch, Reiki, exercise, and meditation to name a few. I have experienced most of those options and they are all wonderful. But, when you’ve finished experiencing one of those techniques, is your house in better shape? No!

When you clear clutter you can create a relaxed state in several ways:

  • With each item you get rid of you are are releasing a source of negative energy. As you eliminate negative energy the overall balance of energy becomes more positive. As the energies become more positive, you begin to relax.
  • Every item has an energy that talks to you. The more objects in your space, the more conversations you have going on at the same time. A room full of clutter just screams at you. Items with negative energy, like broken things and piles of unprocessed paper, scream the loudest. As you clear clutter you quiet the conversations. The quieter the space, the more relaxed you’ll be.
  • When you eliminate things you no longer use or love, it’s much easier to organize what’s left. An organized space is a much more peaceful place than a cluttered space. When a space is peaceful, you can relax.
  • Clutter clearing is a form of exercise. Exercise relaxes you!
  • When you clear clutter you can think more clearly. When your brain is clear you can relax because you are less likely to make an error in judgment.

So, make clutter clearing a part of your self-care plan to ease stress and be more relaxed! You’ll feel better about the energy of your home as well as your own energy!

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