Visualize Organizing Success

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and hopeless when you look at your organizing challenges, especially if you weren’t born with an organizing gene. One way to combat those negative feelings is to picture the results you want and picture yourself being completely successful in your organizing efforts. Act as if you have already been successful. Feel the positive feelings that success will cause. Visualizing your organizing success and those positive feelings will attract whatever you need to make it so.

When I am scheduled to do a speech or an interview, anything about which I feel a little shaky, I have made it a habit to picture myself doing the task being confident, competent and enjoying the process. And, without fail, I have gotten the results I was seeking. I recently used that approach when I did my first TV interview. Check it out!

Believe in your ability to be successful and you will be. Picture it. Feel it. And, move forward to find the peace that is possible when you live an organized life.

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