Why Grown Children Avoid Clearing Their Clutter

If you have grown children, it’s very likely that when they left home they left an assortment of their belongings in your home. If they didn’t, your children are an exception to the norm. Sometimes parents are keeping things for their children until they have a permanent home of their own. Sometimes they are left with things that the children just didn’t take with them when they moved, things that may or may not be important to them.

It’s pretty common for parents to get to the point where they really want to be relieved of those items. As I wrote in the September 18 blog, it is also very common for children to drag their heels about removing their belongings following a request from their parents. I suspect that they are often caught up in their own busy lives and the items left behind just aren’t important enough to cause them to take action. Or, they may be avoiding the task because it requires decision-making, a process that can be difficult for some people.

I sometimes wonder if children consider their parents’ request as unimportant, certainly not a high priority. After all, they’ve kept those things all those years, what’s the rush? A failure to act may also be indicative of a reluctance to completely leave home. As long as their belongings are there, they can sustain the unconscious illusion that they are still under the umbrella of their parents’ care. Or, it may be that some of their things hold memories that are not pleasant. Going through them could stir up some old pain that they have kept at bay over the years. Most people aren’t conscious that they are perhaps reluctant to take a potentially emotional trip back into their past.

Whatever the reason, you have a right to be rid of your children’s belongings once they are grown and have homes of their own. In my next blog entry, I will offer suggestions to empower you to motivate your children to clear their clutter from your home.

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