Why Procrastinate?

The word procrastination does not have a positive connotation. All of us do it. All of us know that procrastination can cause stress. So, why do we do it? There are probably many reasons: fear, going for immediate gratification, passive aggression, self-sabotage, lack of confidence. The list goes on and on. One reason I find particularly interesting. Self-stimulation.

The kind of self-stimulation I’m referring to is brain stimulation. Putting off doing something that you know you need to do can create a tension, anxiety, a heightened state of arousal. Some people, particularly those who struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder and the right brained folks among us who get bored easily, have difficulty making themselves do certain tasks when there is no pressure, no one breathing down their neck, no deadline. For them procrastination serves as a method for creating pressure. When getting a task done becomes a time crisis, their brain comes alive and they go into action.

Are you creating time crises in order to tackle certain tasks? Perhaps it’s your way to get your brain in gear!

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