Using Color for Personal Empowerment

Everything is alive with energy. It therefore makes sense that every color is alive with energy and that there are differences in the energies of different colors. What I have learned is that I can strategically choose colors to wear on my person that empower me in whatever way I am wanting at a particular time. To be able to do this you first must know some basics about the energy of colors.


  • Is associated with the fire element
  • Is the highest energy color, the energy associated with passion, intensity, excitement
  • Is best used as an accent color when a pop of energy is needed
  • Is associated with passion and intensity
  • Must be used carefully because its heat can cause feelings of irritability, anger or aggression when used in abundance
  • Can be used as an empowering color when worn in difficult situations
  • Orange, pink, peach, and salmon are shades of red with yellow or white added. The bolder the shade, the more hotter the energy.


  • Is associated with the wood element
  • Has an active energy of growth and expansion
  • Is a great color to wear when you want to be productive
  • Is an appealing color because it brings the feeling of the outdoors inside
  • Makes red shades have even more energy


  • Is associated with the wood element
  • Has the energy of growth and expansion
  • Has a cooling, calming, peaceful energy


  • Is associated with the earth element
  • Has the energy of positive activity, optimism and joy
  • Can feel hot in shades other than a buttery yellow


  • Is associated with the metal element
  • Has no active energy and can be associated with inflexibility
  • Fire melts metal, so wearing a touch of red with white will balance the inflexibility of metal


  • Is associated with the water element
  • Has no active energy
  • Too much black can lead to being wishy washy
  • Is best used as an accent, not the main course
  • Cools off hot colors like shades of red (water douses fire)

Given those color basics, you can intentionally make color choices in your dress to create the kind of energy you want to have. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Wear red when you want to be on fire, inspired to take positive action.
  2. Wear red when you are going to face challenging people or situations.
  3. Wear green when you want to be productive.
  4. Wear blue when you want to keep a cool head or you want to have a calming influence on others.
  5. Wear yellow when you want to have a positive influence on others or brighten up a grim situation.
  6. Wear white when you want to be taken seriously in a formal situation.
  7. Wear black when you want to wear red for protection or passion, but want to be able to stay balanced emotionally.

Feng shui teaches that everything is connected. The colors you wear affect you and those around you. Choose your colors carefully to feel fully empowered every day!

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