Making Calendar Space to Get What You Really Want

Last weekend I attended a day long workshop entitled, “Meditation In the Garden”, because it included Tai Chi instruction by Cass Overton, a Tai Chi instructor I had heard about for many years. The class was a wonderful experience! I learned many things that day, both with my mind and my body. One of the statements Cass made that particularly caught my ear and that kept coming back into my thoughts was, “Look for the spaces between the plants. You have to have space in order for new things to come to you.”

In my work as a professional clutter clearer, feng shui practitioner and professional speaker I have often urged people to clear clutter from their homes and offices. I let them know that new good things cannot come to them unless there is space available for them. The echo of Cass’s words got me thinking about how I make space in my life.

When I am feeling stuck or frustrated with my own personal and/or professional progress I quite often look for a closet or drawer to clear knowing that by making space I am signaling to the Universe that I am open to new opportunities and change in my life. In fact since the seminar I’ve cleaned out desk drawers, supply drawers, and the vase shelf in the utility room. I’ve also taken photos off the refrigerator and have removed several decorative items from my family room. Everything in my house is open to scrutiny because I am hungry for open space!

Then it occurred to me that I can also make space on my calendar to make it possible for me to have time to reflect on where I’ve been, what I really want, and what I can do to get more of what I want. Too often my calendar is full with few open spaces available just for me. This week I took a careful look at my calendar and blocked off time for client appointments so I won’t be inclined to schedule too many clients. Now the challenge will be to limit myself to those scheduled times. If that doesn’t work my plan is to schedule open space in my calendar just for me!

Do you have space in your home and on your calendar to attract more of what you really want from life? If not, why not? Claim the space you need to grow where you want to go!

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