Car Clutter Clearing Tips

People who know me well know that keeping my car clutter free is my biggest organizing challenge. My car is my mobile office. And, any place where you spend lots of time, do many things and come and go frequently is likely to get messy and at times a bit out of control. Here are a few actions I take that help me manage car chaos:

1. All trash I generate goes into the cooler I have on the floor between the two front seats. It gets emptied every night when it is taken into the house to be packed for the next day.

2. All items on the passenger seat are reviewed every evening to determine if they need to go back into the house or stay in the seat for access or reference the next day.

3. To corral some of the loose items that I tend to carry in my car, all books, magazines, audio books and other reading materials are kept in a plastic tub located just behind the front seat on the floor in front of the back seats.

No one would describe the inside of my car as an organized utopia, but those simple steps have helped me keep that potential organizing nightmare at bay. It takes daily action to maintain order in my mobile office!

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