Get Grounded for Travel Adventures!

Clear clutter in the kitchen before you travel!

I just finished working with a women who leaving on a trip tomorrow. We have learned that it really helps her to schedule an organizing session with me right before her trips. She is a single mother with four children between 12 and 20 years of age. And, she is a physician who has to be on call quite frequently. Whew! What a full plate!

So, what do I do for her? My goal is to help ground her at a time when she is planning to rip up her roots and leave home for a period of time. We usually start by creating order in her bedroom. Her bedroom is an outward extension of her inner self. If it’s a chaotic place, she’ll be affected by that energy and find it difficult to think clearly and make decisions about what to pack.

Next I clear clutter in the kitchen. Women tend to center out of the kitchen. And, it’s the heart of the home. When it’s clear, clean and organized, interactions between she and her children are likely to be positive. Clutter emits a negative energy that can lead to irritability and misunderstandings.

I also act as a second brain, helping her think through what she’ll need to pack, making sure she doesn’t forget an essential item. There are times when the overwhelm of all the details of a trip for herself and her four children make her loose sight of the big picture. As an objective observer, I give her feedback and help her prioritize the tasks that must be done.

When I left today, I knew my client was in good shape for an important adventure with her children. I love making things easier for wonderful women and their families!

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