The Dos and Don’t of Desk Placement

The Power Position

Have you ever noticed that attorneys and executives always have their desks facing the door of their offices? There’s reason for that, besides the fact that it makes a person seem important. Your nervous system is most comfortable and therefore works better when you have a solid wall behind you and a full view of the door. In feng shui we call that position the “power position.”

Your nervous system is programed for survival. When your back is to the door a part of your brain is always on high alert, ready to take action should someone or something come up from behind. When you can see what’s coming at you with the support of a solid wall behind you, your nervous system settles down. You are able to relax and you feel empowered.

I once had a client who had numerous problems in his personal and professional life. Both his bed and his desk were not located in the power position. I recommended he move both pieces of furniture so he’d have a solid wall behind him and a full view of the door from the desk and the bed. He and I made those changes that day. When I saw him several months later, he looked like a different person. He had gone back to his old job, which was the best fit for him. He had worked things out with his ex-wife. And, he had started dating. Not long ago, many years after our consultation, I saw him at Starbucks. Instead of presenting the bundle of nerves and insecurities I’d seen years before, I was greeted by a happy man who had remarried and seemed very content with his life.

Check it out! If you’re not in the power position, move your desk. By the way, being in the power position is more important than enjoying the view out the window. Then pay attention to how you feel, how you work, and your attitude. I predict improvement in all three areas!

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