Winter Blues-A Clutter Clearing Opportunity

How many times this week have you heard, “I can’t wait until spring!”? The gray days, the cold temperatures and the frequency of wet weather are all difficult for the psyche. It’s normal for you to crave light, color, warm temperatures and blue skies. You feel best when in environments with a predominance of positive energy and minimal stressors which are negative energy. These days the sun peeking through the clouds is a cause for celebration!

There are a variety of ways to handle the winter blues: take a vacation; spend the winter months in Florida; self-medicate with food, alcohol, shopping, sleep and other mood altering behaviors. But, one of my favorite choices is to clear clutter from my home. I can imagine your thoughts at this moment, “Has she lost her mind? Why would I want to do something so overwhelming?!?” I make this recommendation because if you can find a way to make yourself reduce the quantity of things in your home that you no longer love or use, your mood will make a positive shift. Why? Lightening your load by reducing the quantity of items in your home does the following:

  • reduces the quantity of negative energy that affects your mood and the mood of everyone in the home;
  • makes space for new, good things to come to you;
  • gives you less to manage, in other words, less work;
  • gives you the opportunity to create new order in the places that have been cleared; makes finding things much easier;
  • makes you feel more competent and less incompetent.

Even doing 15 minutes of clearing once a week will make a difference. Give it a try! If the thought of clutter clearing makes you want to take a nap or eat a cake, invite a supportive, respectful friend over for coffee and 15 minutes of keeping you company while you clear clutter. You can repay her for her help by returning the favor. That way you both have two pleasant social events and the opportunity to experience all the benefits listed above.

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