Clutter Clearing: The Power of a Want

The sofa in its better days!

For about twenty-two years my husband Bob and I have sat next to each other on our sofa while watching TV. No separate recliners for us! Then we upgraded our TV. In order to view it without turning our heads we were no longer able to sit side by side on the sofa. Bob sat in a chair across the room and I sat on the sofa by myself. I’ll admit I’m a sentimental soul, and the new arrangement really bothered me. It was like we were on different planets. So, as I am want to do, I chewed on the challenge for about a week. Then the answer came to me. Get rid of the sofa and put our two chairs side by side.

While Bob was working I moved the furniture to see if putting two chairs together was feasible. Hoorah! It worked! Not only that, but Bob liked the new arrangement.

In the process of rearranging the room I eliminated one lamp and a small table in addition to the large sofa. To make room for the lamp and table in the attic, where they will live until I can take them to my brother’s apartment later this year, I had to rearrange the attic. While I was in the attic Bob asked me to look for a sign with his name on it. His request led me to look through boxes of things from a former job. All of those items came out of the attic and were eliminated. I also eliminated picture frames, old boots, decorative items and found some books that Bob needed in his office. To make room for the books on his bookshelf, I evaluated everything on the shelves and identified a box full of items to ask him about eliminating. Most of those things went to GoodWill or recycling. Bob suggested that we also clean out his office closet since I’d had no success finding the sign in the attic. Out went bags full of old office supplies. And, as I was getting the last of the boxes out of the attic, I found the sign.

My desire was to be able to sit next to Bob every night while we watch TV. By acting to get what I wanted, I got much more. There was a domino effect. Moving the furniture in the family room got the ball rolling and resulted

in a major release of static stuff from the attic and Bob’s office. I also know it would have been much harder to get Bob’s full participation in the clearing of so much of his space had it not been for the catalyst of the shift of furniture in the family room.

What do you really want that requires that you rearrange some furniture? Why not go for it and watch where that shift in energy takes you? What a great way to lighten your load without angst and get more of what you really want!

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