Clutter Clearing Brings Clarity

For months I’ve been deliberating about whether I should renew membership in BNI (Business Network International) for another year. It is a sizable financial and time commitment. I’ve been a member of the same group for over ten years and my group feels like family to me. I couldn’t imagine how I could leave even though only a minor portion of my business comes from BNI referrals.

Then I rearranged the family room, the catalyst for a major clutter clearing of my attic, my husband’s office and the family room. I knew that moving and removing that much stuff was going to have some significant effect, but I was really surprised when suddenly it was clear to me that it was time to give up my seat in BNI, not two months from now when my membership expires, but right now.

I had pondered all the reasons for leaving before the clutter clearing, but the depth of my relationships with the members kept me hanging on. What the clearing did was shift my heart so that I could see the truth very clearly–that I really was bothered by the fact that I got very few referrals despite working hard to develop quality relationships with members, and my long-term commitment to the group and the BNI process of relationship marketing. It became abundantly clear that if BNI was going to work for me as a significant referral generator, it would have happened by now. It also became clear to me that my commitment to BNI was costing me energy and resources that I now need to launch Back On Track 4 Women, a new division of my company. Wow! That’s clarity!

So, I announced to my BNI group that I’m leaving. That’s another significant energy shift. I can’t wait to see what that change brings!

Are you stuck in any way? Mentally, physically, or emotionally? Clear some clutter and your life will start moving. Beware! Clarity is one of the gifts you may get–perhaps clarity you’ve been avoiding!

One thought on “Clutter Clearing Brings Clarity

  1. Sally Herr

    I have a goal of letting go of 48% of things in my house by September. Of course, top of my list are items with toxic energy. I have several items that I have questions about. One is an antique gun, a Winchester thumb trigger, designed to kill small animals, valued at $4000, a canon ball from George Washington’s Ft Necessity (found by my grandfather who invented the metal detector), and a hand made bow and arrow. All of these items would be wanted by relatives, but why would I give these items that are karmicly laden to people that I love? Do you have thoughts of a place to give these items that would be of benefit?

    Sally Herr


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