Organizing Meltdowns: An Opportunity to Get Current

Have you noticed that despite your best efforts to maintain your organizing systems, they sometimes melt down? It’s easy to beat up on yourself for having to reorganize a space one more time. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that meltdowns are just part of the organizing process. And, I have learned that meltdowns can actually be beneficial.

Recently I found myself more and more annoyed by the tangle of necklaces on a jewelry organizer. “There must be a better way to organize these things!” I whined. When I finally made the time to completely overhaul the organization of all of my jewelry I learned that it was an excellent opportunity to evaluate each piece to see if it still reflected my current self. I was able to “get real” about a bag full of jewelry that is now on its way to Good Will.

The meltdown was just the catalyst I needed to get current with my jewelry. Now all of my jewelry reflects who I am today. And, my house is lighter by one bag of jewelry. Sounds like a win, win to me!

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