Feng Shui Success Story: Finding Love, Work & Freedom

In moments when I get disconnected from myself I too wonder if there really is anything to feng shui. Then I find myself blessed with an extraordinary feng shui success story. Here’s my most recent affirmation that feng shui really does work.

Last year I worked with a 50 year old single woman, Sandy (name has been changed) who is a single parent of a college-aged child, twice divorced and struggling as the primary caregiver for elderly parents who at that time were living in a retirement community. She is also an aspiring professional speaker. Our goal was to clear clutter from her entire house so she could attract new love and new work into her life. She also desperately longed for relief regarding care for her parents.

For months we cleared her house with the intention of making it reflect her current self and her current desires. Huge quantities of items were removed from every room and every closet, including the attic and garage, with the exception of her daughter’s room and the kitchen. Car loads of items were taken to a local charity, the dump, the homes of friends and recycling.

Between my visits, which occurred about once a month over a seven month period, Sandy had most of the rooms painted according to my color suggestions. She also enlisted help from several other women to speed up the clearing and cleaning process. While we were clearing I made feng shui suggestions for the placement of furniture, pictures and decorative items to enhance her space and attract love, clarity about her speaking career and freedom. I also urged Sandy to set her intention for what she wanted when making each change. The house was gradually transformed from a congested, chaotic place to a comfortable, lovely environment.

I had never before worked with a person so committed to clearing out the old to make room for a new life. Sandy was so committed to the process that she made almost all the changes I recommended. She was on a mission to let go of the old and have the opportunity for new love, new work and relief.

Our last visit occurred in September 2010. The next month her mother became incapable of remaining in an independent living situation and caring for her father. No longer could Sandy provide enough care to keep her parents safe. Her parents had opposed a move to assisted living for months, but her mother’s health crisis made an immediate move imperative. As difficult as the move was, and though there is still much to do to clear out and sell her parent’s previous apartment, Sandy has been relieved of total responsibility for overseeing her parent’s care.

Two months later she began dating a man she had previously met through a friend. Like her, he is an aspiring professional speaker. He too has been divorced and has a daughter. They fell in love and are making plans to live together and establish a professional speaking business.

Isn’t it interesting that as soon as Sandy made space for something new in her life, made significant changes to her space, and set her intention for what she really wanted, she was blessed with a crisis that made it possible for her to get her parents the help they really needed but were resisting, and she met and is now dating a man with similar hopes and aspirations.

Coincidence? Maybe. Woo woo? Perhaps. But, I can’t help but wonder if those significant events would have happened in such quick succession if Sandy was still living in a chaotic, uncomfortable space, blocked in every direction from getting what she wanted.

Clear, enhance and set your intentions for what you really want. How can it hurt? And, maybe, just maybe, things will shift in your life and you’ll find yourself loving your life instead of enduring it. Your choice! I hope you choose to start clearing and getting clear about what you really want!

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