Getting to Know Your Current Self By Clearing Clutter

I help people clear clutter and create new order in their homes, offices and in their heads. It is life-changing work that I am so honored to do. When I began this work about twelve years ago I had no idea that my work would have such far-reaching positive effects in the lives of my clients.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits that clients receive from the feng shui clutter clearing process I use is that they are able to cut through the noise of their life and get clarity about who they are and what really matters to them.

I use the Love It, Use It or Lose It method of clutter clearing, a process that invites clients to look at an object and evaluate whether they love it or use it. As a client is making their decision, which sometimes entails telling me the story of the item, I listen to the tone of their voice, watch their body language, and essentially read their energy. Often, before the words are even out of their mouth, I have a good sense about whether the item is one that is worth keeping. Their energy tells me.

In the process of making those decisions, sorting love it and use it items from hate it or “I don’t care about it” items, clients have the opportunity to gain clarity about what really matters to them. Their focus on the task at hand, however, can make it difficult to discern the bigger picture, the information that is coming out during the process.

That’s where I come in. My part in the process is to give feedback to clients about what I am seeing as they make decisions. I let them know when I observe that something makes their heart sing or shuts them down. I share information about patterns that are emerging and the information we are getting about what is currently important to them. It’s a very rewarding collaborative process. I help them see where their heart is guiding them.

When you begin clearing clutter, see if you can discern the bigger picture. With each decision, pay attention to what it may indicate about where your heart is leading you. Try to determine what you are learning about your current values, what currently matters to you. What matters to you changes over time. Making decisions about what to keep and what to discard can inform you of your heart’s direction. When you are clear about your heart’s guidance, it’s so much easier to make decisions in all areas of your life.

One thought on “Getting to Know Your Current Self By Clearing Clutter

  1. Jackie Paulson

    I agree that my mind is more clear when I have a clean environment. Clutter is just those things in which we have a hard time of letting go of. I find that when I need to I can take a photo and give away items that no longer serve my best interests.


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