Good Garage Feng Shui

Paint your garage floor!

Feng shui teaches that safety and comfort are most important. It’s difficult to make garages feel comfortable. Garages are typically storage areas, purely utilitarian areas. Since everything in a garage has an energy that talks to you, it is a pretty noisy area.

There are, however some steps you can take to quiet down a noisy garage. These include:

  1. Reduce the quantity of things that talk to you by organizing it and clearing out anything that no longer serves you.
  2. Install cabinets and drawers to store small items instead of relying completely on open shelving.
  3. Paint the floor. Believe it or not, a gray concrete floor has a noisy somewhat negative energy. And, it always feels dirty.

Just last week I walked into a client’s garage to put something away. As soon as I crossed the threshold I came to a complete stop. A month or two earlier I had helped my client organize that garage. I knew that garage, and the space I’d just entered felt completely different. It was so much more pleasant and peaceful. What made the difference? As I looked around I noticed she and her handyman had done two things that made a world of difference:

  1. She’d had the floor painted with a special cream colored paint with little dark specks in it.
  2. Originally she’d had two heavily loaded sets of shelves on the driver’s side of the car and one set of shelves on the passenger side of the car. Now all the shelves were on the passenger side of the car leaving the driver’s side completely clear. What a difference it made not to be greeted by loaded shelves when getting out of the car! And, it was really nice to have all the noisy energies on the shelving confined to just one side of the garage.

What can you do to up the positive energy in your garage? What can you get rid of? What can you move around to create a quieter, more peaceful space? After all, if you park in your garage, it’s the daily greeting upon returning home. What greets you affects your energy and mood. Why not make it a calm, welcoming greeting? Make it good Feng Shui!

One thought on “Good Garage Feng Shui

  1. steve @ garage doors

    Really interesting post here. I ty to keep my own garage as tidy as possible, but, come to think of it, when it does get a little out of control, i suppose it does make the place a little negative; i generally spend less time in it anyway.

    Time to get organising!


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