The Productive Artist: Space Matters!

I’ve had the pleasure of helping artists clear out and set up their studios to be more productive and sell more art. As an art history major in college who took all the studio classes I could, going into an artist’s studio feels like going home to me. What has become very clear to me when I’ve worked with artists is that having enough space and the right type of space makes a real difference in an artist’s ability to create.

It takes space to create. Imagine trying to paint a work of art in a closet. It’s just not happening! No matter how passionate you feel about your subject, your medium or your mission, you won’t be able to access your creativity.

Physical space is necessary to access your creative genius. It’s an energy thing. Just as a business can only grow as big as the space allowed, so too the work of an artist. It takes enough space and the right kind of space to create art. Following are some suggestions for a high performance art studio:

  • preferably a space used only as a studio
  • a space large enough for an adequate work area plus a storage area for supplies and completed work
  • a space with good natural lighting
  • a space that is well ventilated
  • a space that is easy to access (few stairs)
  • a space that is reasonably uncluttered
  • a space that is reasonably organized
  • a space with some of your favorite art hanging on the walls

Give your art the space it deserves!

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