Clear Shoes for a Cause

Want a very good reason to tackle the shoe nightmare at the bottom of your closet? Over 300 million children around the world are without shoes. Souls4Souls®, a non-profit, facilitates delivery of shoes to those in need. In the last five years over 12 million pairs of shoes have been delivered. Shoes are being delivered at a rate of a pair every seven seconds.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could restore order to your closet, a place you visit several times every day, and give hope to children in need in some part of the world? For more information about Souls4Souls®, you can check them out on YouTube, at or call 615-391-5723. Or, you could just send your shoes to: Souls4Souls®, World Distribution Center, 315 Airport Road, Roanoke, AL 36274-8011.

Shoes to give up are:

  • those you never wear despite the best of intentions
  • those that hurt your feet
  • those that make your feet look ugly

Join the Souls4Souls® effort to put shoes on every child worldwide. Make a difference in your closet and in the life of a child.

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